Lawn and Plant Care Ideas from the Pros

We want to help you create a lush and healthy lawn, with accents of vibrant tree, shrub, and plant life. Serrano-Wunderlich Landscaping LLC can provide complete care for your lawn and garden throughout the year, but we also offer helpful tips for the do-it-yourselfer. Whether you’re caring for a small garden outside of your home or a larger landscape on commercial property, you can trust our experience when it comes to caring for the plant life on your plot.

Plant and Pest Control

Feel free to call Serrano-Wunderlich Landscaping LLC for strategies when dealing with plant eating pests such as Bagworms and Japanese Beetles. We have a safe and effective spraying protocol which eliminates the threat to your plants.

Lawn Application Process

Get to know our tried and true plan for growing a luscious, green lawn. Our application plan begins in early spring and proceeds in phases through the end of November. Call us to learn more.

Landscaping Help at Your Fingertips

If you’re still wondering how best to proceed with your landscaping projects, take a look at our gallery for some inspiring images. You can also learn more about us and our history, and check out our wide array services.

We Offer:

  • specialized fertilizer for each season
  • granular grub worm
  • crab grass preventer
  • weed control applications

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Kristen Rae Moore


Whether you need help formulating an application plan for your lawn and garden or a trusted partner in landscape care.